How To Prepare Bids/Quotes
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      How to Prepare Bids/Quotes

      All bids/quotes shall be:
      a. Prepared and submitted on GPA forms.
      b. Typed or printed in ink.
      c. Signed by the vendor or authorized representative, in the spaces provided in order to receive consideration for award, with all corrections initialed and dated by the official signing the document. Any bids/quotes not signed may be automatically rejected by the GPA.

      Changes/Modifications: No changes or modifications shall be made to the GPA bid/quote forms or your bid/quote may be considered null or void.

      Completeness: All requested information and required forms as attached must be completed, signed, and submitted with the document to constitute a proper bid/quote. The entire complete bid/quote package must be returned, complete with all required forms, signatures, and information. Failure to complete or comply with any part of the specifications or requirements in the document may constitute a basis for rejection.

      Document Signatures: To receive consideration for award, the request must be signed in all spaces provided. By signing the document, the vendor agrees to the terms and requirements stated in the document.

      Errors: Vendors or their authorized representative are expected to fully inform themselves as to the conditions, requirements, and specifications before submitting bids/quotes. Failure to do so will be at the vendor’s own risk. If errors occur in the extension of prices in the bid/quote, the unit prices shall govern. All corrections must be initialed and dated by the official signing the document.

      No Bid/Quote Submittal:
      If submitting a no bid/quote, the vendor should sign and return Page 1 to the GPA Purchasing Department as indicated above. The outside of the envelope should be clearly marked “No Bid/Quote”.