Obtaining Bid/Quote Documents
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      Obtaining Bid/Quote Documents

      Bids/quotes may be obtained by using one of the following methods:

      - Downloaded from this web site
      - Mailed
      - E-mailed
      - Faxed
      - Picked up at the Georgia Ports Authority, Purchasing Department, located at 2 Main Street, Garden City, GA.

      Bids/quotes must be submitted on GPA forms. It is the sole responsibility of the vendor to assure that they have received the entire bid, quotation, or any addenda’s issued. Addenda’s will be posted on this site as soon as practicable. Addenda’s must be signed and submitted with the bid or quote package for consideration.

      Bidders are cautioned to assure they have the latest edition of a document before submitting a bid or quote. The recipient of any downloaded documents from this web page takes full responsibility for verifying and obtaining any subsequent addenda’s. The GPA takes no responsibility for informing recipients of changes to original documents. Bidders are strongly urged to verify and confirm the existence of any changes or addenda’s through the web page prior to bid/quote submission.

      A notice of a bid or quote opportunity with instructions will be e-mailed or faxed to the registered vendor, depending on how the vendor registered. If a vendor has neither fax or e-mail access, the vendor can contact the GPA Purchasing Department by phone to request that the bid or quote documents be mailed to them, or visit the GPA Purchasing Office in person to pick up the documents.