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      An Addenda for bid or quote documents located on this web site can be found within the bid or quote document itself. Open the document you wish to view and scroll to the section called "Addenda" at the bottom of the page. All current and previous addenda’s will be listed and available for downloading from this section.

      Bidders are cautioned to verify they have the latest edition of a document before submitting a bid or quote. The recipient of any downloaded documents from this web page takes full responsibility for verifying and obtaining any subsequent addenda’s. While addenda’s will be added to the bid document on the GPA Purchasing Web Bids page, the GPA takes no responsibility for informing recipients of changes to original documents. Bidders are strongly urged to verify and confirm the existence of any addenda’s through the web page prior to bid submission.

      It is the bidder’s responsibility to determine and acknowledge any or all addenda’s issued for a bid or quote. Your bid or quote will not be considered if any addenda’s issued are not acknowledged and submitted with your bid or quote.