RFB (Request For Sealed Bid)
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      How to Submit a Request for Sealed Bid (RFB):

      All bids shall be:

      (1) Submitted on the enclosed GPA forms in a sealed envelope, with the GPA project number clearly shown on the outside of the envelope, using one of the following methods:

      (a) Mailing Address: Georgia Ports Authority, Purchasing Department, PO Box 2406, Savannah, Georgia 31402.

      (b) Hand/Express/Courier Delivery Address: Georgia Ports Authority, Purchasing Department, 2 Main Street, Highway 25 & 307, Garden City, GA 31408.

      (2) Submitted with all required documentation, signatures, attachments, and original bonds as specified in the document. An original and one (1) copy of the entire completed bid package must be submitted.

      (3) Received in the GPA Purchasing Department on or before the due date and time specified in the document, in order to be considered.