Invoicing and Freight
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      Invoicing and Freight


      In order for our Accounts Payable to process payment to vendors in a timely manner, we ask that either a Purchase Order number (orders through our Purchasing Department) or a Division Purchase Order number (issued at a departmental level) be placed on the vendor’s invoice and mailed to:

      Georgia Ports Authority
      Attn: Accounts Payable
      P.O. Box 2406
      Savannah, GA 31402

      Names of individuals that have placed the order, or old Purchase Order numbers from prior orders are not valid and payment cannot be processed from these.

      Also, we request that a signed delivery ticket copy be issued as a requirement of your delivery process, so both GPA and the vendor have a clear record of services and/or materials that have been received. We currently have to ask for proof of delivery when no numbers are placed on the invoice. We hope to avoid this step in the process.

      Freight – In order to make payment on freight charges in excess of $100.00, GPA requires a copy of the Carrier’s freight bill.